Tell The Truth


Its just me and you in this room, so no need for all the lies.

Time to face the naked truth, unmask it from its disguise.

There's something I need to tell you, it's been weighing on my mind all day.

Please just give me a couple seconds to say what I need to say.

It's like paint drips off the page when you paint pictures, a mural

And yes I've told you many times what I'm about to tell you, plural

Don't want you lookin back on life full of anger and bein scornful

You speak truth in your head, but you should make it heard; more oral

You give people good advice but keep none for yourself

Maybe you should hear you out, it could be great for your health

I'm not trying to run your life, I'm here for you to confide in

You can tell me all your fears especially why you've been hidin'.

Just create a vivid photo for me so I can see all of your pain

Like how you barely know your family or how your heart was left out in the rain.

How one boy dropped and broke it purposely, left it cold and grey

How you finally found Him who turned your heart into the manger where He lay.

But yet I see fear in your eyes, and its almost like you can't shake it.

I see you fighting to the top, is the fear that you won't make it?

Or that when you get there the fame will ultimately change it?

It being your mind

It your personality

It bein all the reasons you want everyone to be proud of me?

Oops... But I meant you

Wait...... Who was I talkin to?

Having this deep conversation but now I see there's no one else in this room.

So I guess that means you were really me... and I was really you.

and Glory Hallelujah my conscience finally subconsciously broke through.


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