no child left behind

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Young Timmy was left behind in flames. Now vengence is what heals his pain. Those who seem different, They are equal. Always remember, That we're all people.
One job could change my life, in factOne job could change one moreIf only to find my place in thatTo find a purpose forOne job to overcome the fearTo overcome the angist
Little children in little clothes walked into school with eyes closed and all they ever needed to learn in Kindergarten went in one ear and out the other. Teachers smiled and teachers cried.
I'm a freshman in high school I know how to find 'x'I know that oxygen is a gasand that the Declaration of Independencewas signed on July 4th, 1776My education is going to change the world
(Written in regret of standardized tests, and dedicated to the dying art of classroom creativity.)    paper money kept inside cement walls  burning her mind with books of gold  
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