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A mouse can be a horse, a pumpkin can be a carriage, to embrace true love, discover marriage
Once upon a time, a Princess was forced to stay high in a tower—nope, not original. Once upon a time, a Princess was cursed to an eternal slumber—already been done!
Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Sheila. Her thick black hair sat evenly in two ponytails on the side of her head.
A mother, crying A daughter, fighting We didn't do nothing wrong, now we're trapped Guns, and fighting Lying, crying We just want an education, not forever trapped  
never to return. flash backs holding her close dear god please bring her home she was taken into the valley of death please help her hold her breath let our memories keep her safe in these dark days
There is a mother out there. Of all colors. Black. White. Olive, tan, and pale. She is the one who loves you. Yet you still, act as if you wish she Were never there.
Bring  Back our girls We mourn. We shout We scream. Sometimes we wish.
If you had one wish, what would it be? Will it be based on reality or fantasy? If had one wish, it may be based on love
Once upon a time there was boy and a girl Both who came from opposite sides of the world   The girl had her eye on someone who looked right through her 
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