Foxy Trot.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Sheila.

Her thick black hair sat evenly in two ponytails on the side of her head.

Sheila loved to dance her heart out, she danced to hip-hop, rock, classical music,

you name it she's danced it. She had been practicing for months on a broken foot.

She was determined to overcome her circumstances.

Shelia was known in her town as the foxy trot of the town.

People from all over the world near and far, traveled all over the world to watch Sheila

dance the foxtrot. She kept her dancing shoes close and her afro puffs even.

It was competition day for the whole city. Shelia was ready she was pumped and warm.

Ready to take the competition by the afro.

Her turn was up. The moment he had been preparing for the whole season.

She had been confident that she was going to steal the prize.

Sheila did a move that she had been practicing on, she heard her foo pop.

Her foot began to swell. Uhh- O.

Was she going to be able to finish the competition.

The judges cast their votes. She was sitting in second place. and she

had one more routine that could impress the judges. Sheila began to dance

the crowd went wild. Everyone chanting FOXY TROT!  FOXY TROT!

Shelia could feel the energy from the crowd increasing.

She danced as if she had two perfect feet. Nailing her routine

The judges released their scores.

SHE DID IT! she smashed the competition. Sheila won first place

and was crowned Dance Queen Of the City!






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