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As the days go pass green grass still rise.  The world didn’t stop, not even for a second.  Still standing in immense pain.  My heart still lingures to hear you say...  How you doing Miss America? 
Months of endless preperation Perfecting the smallest of things Weeks of no sleep Putting your heart into it all Putting your soul inot it all All for a crown and title   They said
When I was younger, I never cared about what other people looked like, About the color of their skin. None of that ever mattered to me. My parents taught me to look deep down inside of a person;
Freedom of speech Or freedom to be rude Freedom of religion More like freedom for discrimination   Let’s get real here People are racist Especially my generation.  
I am happy for her, She has beauty and heart, She deserves it for sure, Her soul is true art, All those who disagree, Calm down and let the girl be. 
Smile. Most of you may think it is impossible, Irrelevant and insignificant. Laughter and joy is what comes next, Eternal peace if you just Smile.  
I look everyday on TV and see I cannot relate To these pageants queens who exemplify the "perfect" mate And I question my beauty My worth And I wonder what can I change?
Its sad when the world today lets history cloud its judgement. When Americans who saw the double flames continue to burn and their hearts to flambe. In the sixties, we were willing to crown a goat Miss America,
Diverse Different Special Unique These are traits that determine real beauty. Smart Intelligent Strong Caring Empathetic These are traits  that make a 
America is supposed to be one nation, the land of the free the melting pot that allows for all walks of people and diversity We grow up taught that each citizen has the right to life & liberty along with
"Worlds and War and Western thinking run on repeat like broken records  Eurocentric Euphuisms like West expansion Exploration, Manifest Destiny, and Spreading Democracy Are just tactful translations from truth as
The lines are blurred You all see an Arab woman I see an Indian woman Powerful to rise above A patriarchal society A respresentation of American society You all see Al-Qaeda I see men
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