Miss MeltingPot

"Worlds and War and Western thinking run on repeat like broken records 

Eurocentric Euphuisms like West expansion

Exploration, Manifest Destiny, and Spreading Democracy

Are just tactful translations from truth as

Slave trade, colonists, imperialism

Exploitation of all your natural resources and a bad excuse for US Military

Americans play red, white skin and blue superman savior mentalities

Third world nations being left with nothing

but pillaged lands, broken homes & false promisesof American dreams”  - Fong Tran

  What do they teach us in our history books?  Took down on others because their skin isnt pure white snow,  or their language encompasses more than "No English"  with an accent that belongs to a far away land yet it spills out "I want to belong."   "She's only beautiful if she has deep ocean blue eyes,  sun kissed hair and sings O' say can you see.." No I can't.  I can't see the "Arab" who terrorises beauty pagents, I can't see how America repeats 9/11  or how we took a visit to 7/11, I can't see the miss Al Queda you speak of or the "real american" that was supposed to be crowned.  All I see is ignorance and uneducated people  that have forgotten what our country has been built upon. The ever so growing melting pot that encomapsses people who have been defeated once but not again. Not in the eyes of public television.   She is beautiful.She is talented. She is Indian-AMERICAN.She is rightfully, Miss America.  

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