falling apart

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Oh the day I never thought id see  My little sister has turned on me  I used to be the one there for her  But now im just perishable   
I am a weakling, Frail and small, Too scared to feel Anything at all, And I ask for help Without my words
Falling Without Sight  Fly Back Into Your Routine Still Nothing Is Seen
I'm falling apart inside can't you see it? I need you in my life like the air I am breathing but you don't believe it.I can't escape you even when you're not around, my mind is cursed. You're in everything.
She's always surounded by people, but she's always lonely. She never runs out of energy, but she's always tired. She's always trying her best, but sometimes her best isn't enough.
I wake up. Another day, walking through the doors. Watching the enemy, as she comes at me with her posse. Oh, how she grins gleefully,
what is happening cannot be spoken time is out running out, running out dream richly to myself   it's the last few days
How much I would pay to just see the day where forever and ever existed.   Yet my mind is twisted and I lay unassisted because without you I'll always be.   No matter my plea
Pieces of me Are broken. I've fallen so far, So hard and so quickly. Crumbled into thousands Of pieces Unknowing if the Kings horsemen can put Me back together Again.
We are broken, And shattered And crushed And tattered   We close our eyes and hope for something better But we must cope   We are laughing and smiling
At 17, she thought she had the world Butterflies, tears of joy in her eyes She held on tight, no in between liesTime to let go, here comes the surprise
Your hands run through my hair Your piercing eyes searching mine For what, I do not know Nor do I know what you will find.   Maybe you see the way I adore you My thoughts always wandering back to you
I love you with everything I have, you make me smile.          You                 t                              ake                         everything I  a              m. You make me feel so in love, so beautiful.
Miles to, hundreds from Where my hearts pulled Where the sun drowns Where the wind doesn't blow, We sit in silent war.   The cry's cold cut on the brink of hysteria
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