I am a weakling,

Frail and small,

Too scared to feel

Anything at all,

And I ask for help

Without my words

Cut through the emptiness

With the sharpest of swords.


Everyone left,

But I’m not alone,

Doesn’t matter,

My resolve is gone

I want to be fine

And I try and I try,

There’s scars on my thighs

When I hold on too tight.


I’m faint but feel numb,

I’m lost but not gone,

Stinging and bleeding,

I want to stop breathing.

A cry for help,

One touch so veins melt

It’s cold but I’m colder,

I don’t want to get older.


Scars when I break,

Turns to ash to escape

Ice melts into rain,

Puddles around the blood stain,

Don’t care to rush,

My fears build and I’m crushed,

Turns me so fucking numb,

What the hell have I done?


I run to hide from the time,

From the way I can’t cry,

There’s no solace in pain,

I want to escape.


But there’s no escaping my fate

When I’m living this way.

I’m not living

When breaking

To think I’m okay.


Scars on my heart

Beating all that I’ve lost

Warm spots on the frost

Punctured by my glass shards

I think it’s okay

Quiet the thoughts in my brain

So that I can be nothing,

 just like the day it all changed.


Blood mixing with rain

On the pavement my heart lays

Nails in my skin

Friction is wearing me thin

Dizzying flames

Pour from trenches I’ve made,

Consume the thoughts in my brain,

Will bury me one day.


And then the nights over

Blades lay under my shoulder

Numb like I’m sober

Warm, but I feel colder

My soul crumbled to dust

Filling my wounds with rust

And I don’t think I can trust

That my war’s actually over.












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