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Bright blue eyes Clear skies Light rain Life gains Small hands Green lands Tall trees Livid keys First laugh Fresh path Fallen leaves He sees    
The lotus, blooms from from the murkiest waters. 
Your baby hand: so strong, s small. Your fragile head; I won't let you fall.   Your eyes are closed, and you're asleep; yet you are perfect from hair to feet.  
I'm sorry you had to come in the world this way
  Perspiration slowly drips onto face, the butterflies season exceeded in the interior, The brain playing drums with the heart, teeth stabs the tongue-
After the lion roared a boastful growl, the baby's cries started to whimper out. The drizzling tears of the angel's eyes cleared as they encountered the mother's rosy cheeks And the sweaty dew running over her brow.
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