Beyond the Waters


The lotus, blooms from from the murkiest waters. 

It symbolizes a hidden beauty, and reserved strength--

To endure a lengthy plunge.

Swallowed up by mud and gravel,

Touched by exotic beasts, whether submerged or afloat.

She signifies the transition from the depths to the efflorescence of the morning sun.

I have yet to see such a glorious occurance,--

to touch the fragile science that unfolds before my eyes. 


The same occurence of that of a newborn.

Numerous months of residing within the womb,

waiting for the que to be one with the world

and into her mothers loving arms.


Ah! The moment of pure joy

as she breathes her first breath.

The little flower finally basking her her first ray of sunlight 

what a breath-taking,--

No!-- A spell binding moment

And to know that someone adores her;

to know her existance is as grand as the patient witness

of a lotus flourishing from the waters in which it came. 



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