single life

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Where, oh where, do people get their boyfriends? Do they get them off of the street? At WalMart? At garage sales? Perhaps they get them at McDonald’s,
Alone I walk, along the chaotic sea, The smell of coral, filling my nostrils. Watching waves grasp onto the beach, Before being pulled back into the ferocious sea.  
The freaking single life is so amazing. I really know how to rock it out. There's so much clarity during gazing since there's no breakup to pout about.    I can look at abs on Instagram
While looking upon all this romance, I have nothing to call mine But at least i am not one of those who are love blind. 
a door opens, but not by me.  responsibility  to respond and receive  a fix, yet the problems  still exist. mixed  company to coupling  to troubling the waters 
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