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Like schroedingers cat The tank top strap you’re looking at  Wondering if it’s a bra or something far less scandalous Is simultaneously both
"With God all Things are Possible" Here lays the anchoring words of my life and destiny. As riches to the poor As food to the hungry As strength to the weak  As courage to the brave  
What happened to the timeWhen words poured out of meLike liquid nitrogen,Cracking open my ribsPeeling away the petals of my heartTo unearth a diamondAt its core--ReleasingAn explosion of galaxiesAnd made-up stars,Fictional constellationsAnd playti
Here comes the sun they say But do they really know the meaning? Optimism should help us shine! HA! Golden vibes, just stop intervening.  
Intriguing. Fascinating. Inspiring. Ruffling your brown curls through the wind. A glance to the side, Did you see me?   You drive me to look better.   Enamoring. Perfect. Exhilarating.
The feather of a Quail The smell of an Evergreen The aching for love The need for a tear A solemn morn  A brisk night air A ringing bell An appealing smell and a blank tree corpse
My passions are spread farther than eagles wings across the sky.  My passions run deep so my creativity forever flows. On this journey of my life; My passions to impact and change have pushed me to; Learn. 
Often we question who and why we are But is it possible to just be? Stop the questioning of why Can't I just be me?   I have a purpose I have figured it out I have a pen and paper
I sit across from A dark haired lady Her face is full of concern   “Have you ever thought About putting your feelings
I remember   The silent, lonely nights Where I sat, a small child, With nothing but a book as a friend.   My stuffed toys would smile and watch me read
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