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Creative Spirit, Honest steps a hundred miles, Stolen beauty filed, Thieves by night, morning in exiled. A Thousand hearts, in love, anew.
Once upon a time, we did not kill to survive
What is to thank the night for Except that it is here, To hide the quiet footsteps Padding softly over damp leaves?   As darkness slips over the trees A cloak for mischeif ensues.
Did they still give chase? On horseback, he rode Soon he’d tire of their game, That of cats and mice   Where to go?
If there were no such things as thieves I would simply assume I lost my stuff Yet there they are crawling around town Making daily life unnecessarily tough
We travel across the ancient land along emptiness and desert sand Searching for riches and for gold From stories our ancestors told Travelers since the day of birth in search for gems of the earth
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