Persistance is No Match for Me

Did they still give chase?

On horseback, he rode

Soon he’d tire of their game,

That of cats and mice


Where to go?

He kicked his gallant horse

Home was no longer home;

Hidden he no longer was.


Where to run to?

Sharp as guilt,

Branches nicked his cheeks

How many more times must he be fooled by comfort?


What to do?

His mare breathed heavily,

Like a warrior, determined to last

The lungs continued to pump.


Had his hour finally come?

Courage in the man’s fearful eyes,

A gladiator about to face the beast.

He kept his dagger close.


Did they wish him to surrender?

Or wish to chop away his head?

Like lion and gazelle,

They carried on.


Whose decision would it be,

To end this vicious race?

Neither could end the game.

No white flag could be raised.


 He pressed on,

Persistent as a spider.

A thief in over his head.

He made me laugh.


For most of the night we continued this contest,

But in the end, I won.


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