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Like the fading wick of a burning candle,  Whose flame withers with every breeze You crave the dark peace that accompanies  Solitude Rather than give authority of your fate over to time alone,
“April 5th, 1994” This was my given death date. They aren’t even sure that’s the exact day. They couldn’t pin point that Yet they  ruled out murder right away.
sometimes when i'm alone you rattle through my head you are loud yet gentle i make it a point not to listen to you, as if by doing so i am winning a prize if forgetting the last lines of the first verse is the prize
I tend to  remember moments where everything felt infinite. My worries, my struggles, my fears all seem to dissipate and I am left there.A passive soul, sad but big eyes, and pigeon toed feet.I lived three lives in the past year.I was a martyr, th
All these materials glitter through my name, This is why I never intended to seek any fame,  A labradorite of meaning always held my glory,  And I never used my connotation to create a story, 
The girl who makes the stars explode And the boy with a mountain for a soul Oh to be the girl Loved by both Oh to be the girl
Me making sure everyone I lay eyes on are smiling because of me, For it gives me a peace of mind that I changed someone's life, even for 10 seconds, for that person will forever remember those 10 seconds.  
Those that find any sadness, I want to say, do not despair.Life is a beautiful thing if you let it be.Love of love and love of life will bring any life to Nirvana.
What the body needs  It needs to feed It needs to feel It needs to fail  Stuck on an island Ain't no point in rioting  Because i'll have what I need Some peace of mind 
The first sip of coffee in the morning when you wake up The butterflies in your stomach before your first date Listening to your favorite song on full blast As you dance around the room when no one is watching  
Glowing, azure sky... Under this we jubilate... Paradise is here.    
There's an eerie emptiness when listening to a dead man sing The music seems present His voice is very much real And the moment seems so current He is dead And gone His home now burried deep in the soil
Far away is a place
Far away is a place
Listen insideMake all your feelings rhymeBare this heartand you tear right and wrong apart Behind jealous eyesunloved souls cry;lie snared, awaitfor arid gardens to reciprocate
Hypnotic, neurotic venom of Nirvana- You bloom like the petals within my veins. As we sink to the ground; decomposing with an imperial clout... Will we still seek to know our story?
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