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Peace, Love, Creativity, The world is ours to conquer  We spread hate instead of positivity Making the government stronger   Our rights have no voice to speak Police brutality taking over the streets
What did I do? I left the house early and looked down when I passed a mirror. What did I do? I saw a man and walked around to clear his path.
Isn’t it awesome, that rivers are forever? They are forever, and yet you will never stand in the same river twice, The river is a new being and packs a punch like a spice. Isn’t it awesome, how as humans we have grown?
What is does it mean to have an ideal society? To be free? We may live in the land of the free but are we really free?
Who is considered  an "American"? Is an "American" based on whether you and your family were born on this country or how hard you worked to pass your citizenship test?
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