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Sorry America  Sorry that I am black Sorry that I wear hoodie jackets Sorry for eating skittles
Renisha (This poem is dedicated to Renisha McBride, a Detroit teenager who was murdered by a man who is using the defense of “Stand Your Ground”.)
A kid walking down the street is suspected of mischief because his hood is up, but instead of a calm questioning there's a hold up. "Where you going why are you out this late?" Must he really answer and state his case?
I am directionally challenged Winding roads lose their landmarks Maps lose their meaning And bam, I’m lost  
So apparently being a “black young man” means that I am up to no good And I should be watched when I roll up into your neighborhood Being a “black young man” means I’m going sell drugs
the boy walking down the street walking on the road the road made for feet then the boy is shot now the boy is dead on the road made for feet down slams a head blood leaving a body
why is life just sometimes just I don't know hope you know what I mean I don't know how to explain it it's just, just, you knowwhat's up with that thing that you normally feel sometimes
Young man shot in the streets Young man bleeding from head to feet The shootings of this young generation Is on a repeat 18 is all the young man whished he could be But he was gunned down 
T is for the Trust he had, thinking he was walking safely in Sandford nights. R is for Rage, the rage his parents feel to know their son is dead. A is for Age, the age of innocense he was in, he was only a kid.
This is a Public Service Announcement: It doesn't matter if you die If I am important, and you aren't No one cares if I lie You're only one person you can't stop me
Justice. Where was it? A 17 year old boy got shot, And his killer is free?   Justice. What about his family? Their son was killed, How would you explain to them the verdict?  
  Dear Justice,   Though you have defined yourself as fair and reasonable I conclude that you are suffering from an identity crisis So let me evaluate your profile  
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