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For the color of my skin should not define me It should not set a basis for stereotypes I should be able to walk confidently in the skin God made for me I should be able to walk down the street and not get shot
Yes somebody cares about you You dont know but might be me some people are destinated to not see How different you are just like I am Some people are destinated to see you from inside the soul
All I am in life is a complete mess up that ruins everything No matter what I do; I always manage to mess up everything in my wake Everything I do leaves a huge crater that will sting
I see the pain, I see the power the cruel gain. I stand aside, I turn and hide. When will I stop being so afriad?
The voices are everywhere Saying life will never be fair They're screaming at you Saying there is nothing you can do Your only escape is to end it all Whatever you do, don't give in,
Can’t  you see he’s tired? Tired of all the hate? They tell him it’s because he’s weird And this is just his fate Can’t you see he’s tired?
I remember when candy was sweet And reality was a treat When the world was right And the sun shined bright When smiles were true And the tears were through
Flawlss perfection. Perfect body. Perfect Teeth. Perfect clothes. Then theres me. Im a size 18-20 in pants My teeth are crooked and yellow. I think of Walmart as hollister.
And as I digress I realize there is nothing more I can ever do than to accept myself Being nurtured and loved by the same society that turns around and disownes you for what? Being Fat Short legs Huge boobs
The first time I began to scoot, crawl and walk towards my dreams of accomplishing more than I had dreamed The first time I began to imagine a world unlike the one I lived in, a utopia where dreams and realities would collide
 You watch me walk down the halls, you know who I am.  Don't you? I guess you think you do, I'm that smart girl,  maybe I'm that smart guy. The one who's  dorky and smart, Maybe I'm dark and alluring, 
Shall we dance with the devil, among the many spawn of hate? Shall we submerge to such level, of a world with every dreaded date? Shall we revolt from this darkness, carrying the baggage of past displeasures?
We are the Outcast, The different ones We call ourselves the Unwanted We sit and slit, and watch till we can’t take anymore Until the blood goes stale and the river runs dry
You're cold shoulder, bipolar high roller disorder  Is sympathetic, arithmetic, epidemic kinetic Cope the rope and tie up the noose Pull it too tight the limb will break off loose
Eyes once open now closedLips once the color of a rose.Resting in a bed of silkNo more feeling any guilt.Skin of porcelainEyes like glassNo sound other then the windWhispering through the grass.
This is a letter to a friend.Who thinks no one is there.In times of need, in times of grieve.When suicide feels like the only answer,spreading like a cancer,through the mind, the soul.
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