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I'm sorry for all the time I've made you cry And for making you loose that twinkle in your eye I'm sorry if I was the one too break your heart But fixing that is where I plan too start I'm sorry for not trusting in you That's something that I'm tr
My father in heaven has told me, Because I love you, I created you so beautifully in your mother's womb. From one step to the next I watched you, and now look how grown up you are.
A unicorn slain by any other name still brings a curse. When the letter of the law is to forbid emotion, society crumbles in its wake. “No justice!” screams the pot, “a curse for a curse!” exclaims the kettle.
The low tones of my cello Resonating through my own chest The harmonic accompany of the orchestra Sixteenth notes and eight notes Whole notes and quarter Half notes with dots And rests in no order
Think. Right now. What's on your mind?
He's that smile that just won't go. You feel it in your cheek bones just as if you try to smile just after eating someting SUPER sweet. it is as if it hurts to smile, but it is alright it's that good pain.
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