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EMERGENCY (EYES) 9-21-14, 10:41AM 9-21-14, 1:56PM   She's so down and out, she feels like she's in Hell And she can tell you the day she finally fell
Depression… I’m nauseous. Obsession… Over cautious. Learned my lesson… I’ve got this. Left with less and got the obvious. A fracture… it’s painful. Your stature reveals a vain full… Of poison.
Blood is beautiful Going drip, drip, drip, As I watch it go down My leg from my hip.   It splatters on the floor It makes no sound, Small little droplets Falling endlessly to the ground.
  There are some things about me that I can't change There are things about me that are just too strange I've got thoughts in my head I hate giving acknowledgement
Many wonder why Self-Inflicted Inhibiting "sigh"I just couldn't deal with it all internal pain- in my weeping mind  I couldn't take couldn't cry so I broke a mirror
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