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Isn't it funny how sometimes The fear doesn't come until the danger's already passed? . But then it hits you, all at once, As if to try to make up for it For letting it's guard down
I'm not a physically fit person But recently I feel like running Running from my house, Running from my job, Running from my emotions, Running from who I am, Running from others,
In Red is where my life is. That large blaring red light that deserves a sound but doesn't have one. I am swimming in this pool of red, Unlike anyone I know.
Did you know people have pain they never show.Everyone has a story hidden in their hearts.Some are hurt; others broken and that's not the worst part.The worst part is you never noticed thisor maybe it was just missed in this consuming abyss we cal
Poetry is inclusive like an outstretched hand Its words pull you near and into Its foreign land Escape, escape, escape again... You dont need to fear, to tremble or roam without a cause
When I was a little girl, I would pray. With my eyes wide open and my head tilted back in wonder, Struggling to soak up every ounce of happiness and sunshine I could
I am a prisoner to the world I live in. I am told how to be. How to be perfect, how to be loved, how to be worth something. I am dictated by numbers. My weight, my GPA, my class rank, my waist measurement.
We, the humans, a species clothed in grey, Powerful at birth but mundane with age, Forgotten magic, lost in the race, Slaves of our own hunger.   What a prison, this world is,
Waking up Weary and teary eyed Wearing his cologne unwilling Wanting to escape his grasp Willing myself to move on Wanting to escape the memories Wearing my own name Weary from my fight
Focus. Stop. Think. Escape. The World fades. I implode. A sensory overload, only within the mind The place where privacy is unconditional No cost; not a dime My sweet escape
truth, forgiveness, honesty you forgot that it goes with loyalty why did you screw me over this way your promises meant nothing to me I left you happily, without anything to say we were never meant to be
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