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As the clouds move As the water flows Where the air travels Is where my problems should go Live a stress free life Living with no regret or worry Living life freely Fixing problems with sorry
He stares at her with eyes full of love, Like angels watching from above, She stares right back with eyes full of joy, Thinking of their baby boy, 16 years old is all they are, Not yet old enough for a bar, 
Big red eyes,
I am a quiet girl who likes to dream. I wonder if people will become nicer and more caring in the world. I hear silence pounding in the middle of the night. I see a happy world that’s always sunny and happy.
You may not know, you may not notice. You may not care, you may not think this. Fore I am a Shadow, behind and infront all of you. I get stepped on, ignored, walked past, but never show the pain.
Acrostic Me: Talented Animated Young Loving Extraordinary Random
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