I’m sorry.

     And I don’t know why.

Because none of this is my fault.

       But I’m sorry for everything.


I’m sorry.

   Because I can’t look at you 

Without feeling like I’ve wronged you.

     Even though I didn’t.


I’m sorry.

     Because I can’t meet your desires.

And you can’t keep your promises. 


I’m sorry.

     Because I gave you my heart.

But you weren’t ready to take it. 


I’m sorry.

      Because whether you like it or not,

I am broken.

       And so are you. 


I’m sorry.

       Because for some reason I’ve invaded your mind,

And you won’t leave mine.


I’m sorry. 

    Because I couldn’t be what you wanted.


And I’m sorry.

    Because some people just aren’t meant to be.




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