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She seems to be Unstoppable Like the world can’t hold her Down. And sometimes she seems so Confident, Like she’s waiting to be Crowned. No one’s ever seen her Cry.
Buzzing with your rainbow dreams All those diamond cities scream Is everything just what it seems? Golden people planning schemes  
If I reminded myself why I'm alive.... what would it be for? If I asked myself for what purpose do I strive..... what would I have in store?...   All I Can say is.....  
With lips painted so perfectly, And eyes as hollow as a rotten tree She haunts my dreams, killing me Who is this woman Whose hatred for me burn brighter than the hottest flames on the surface of the sun
Step by step she takes Holding her breath all of the way “She knows what everything’s about” they say Not a single hair out of place Her words are precious because
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