The Greatest ( I'm Phony Now)

If I reminded myself why I'm alive....

what would it be for?

If I asked myself for what purpose do I strive.....

what would I have in store?...


All I Can say is.....


I'm going to be the greatest

The envied, the hated

The woman every girl dreams to be

That's exactly who I'm going to be


Sitting on my throne, the world is my palace

No one can take my place, But if they try I'm always up for the challenge

But until then I'll sit and reminisce 

about all the dark and hungry days that i'm not going to miss


My place will be out of this world and amoung the stars

For they will be who I sit with if I plan on going far

And everytime you look up, my name is what you'll see

"Domonique!" is what signs will say, and for once the world will pay attention to me


No more ridiculing me but laughing at the ones that want my place

Forget anyone who doubted me  and laugh in their face

When they come up to me smiling and i'll just just say "it's funny now"

And when you ask if I remeber you

I'll just laugh and say "nah forget you go back and tell everybody I'm phony now!"




love the confidence, something that I'm morally lacking. I'm kidding, it's just my overbearing insanity and insincere earnestness. . . I like your consistency. It's very admirable.

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