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Everyone told me that I was crazy, but I so badly wanted to prove them wrong.  I feel like an idiot, for hoping that things would go the way that I wanted them to, and for holding on for so long.
I'm Unchained.  I'm Django trying to fandango. Only I have the key though, and it fits the hole Like wack-a-mole with a bowl my mind is swole. I need paper. Without I'm nothing,
Why can I never find words on my tongue? They lay curled up in my palms instead, leaking into the ink of pens or clutched in fists like painkillers or sleeping pills.   The voice in my head constructed
I lay down,
Every night I went to bed hoping that you would change.
Most memorable moments come and go.  The hurt and scars from underneith are the ones that don't show. Being happy is just a phase, and dying is just a race. Moments that gernerate smiles are the ones worth the miles.
every night i sit watching the stars dance infinitely hoping somehwere you are sitting watching waiting wondering if i am doing the same
Is there still a trace of you, Left somewhere beneath that mask? Memories fade in and out Like bittersweet angels' breath. Your name was my first word, We were two of a kind.
  Loving Sister             Remarkable, a light I would follow             Beautiful in each turn and curve             You beam bright             White in gold
There they were Just flying, just f l o a t i n g
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