trying a new form

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When the lights are searching my pockets of darknessThose words that frantically chime in your earThey are still alive, they knew me wellI told them, you were a whisper
  You are the moon and I am the sea, Your constant changing faces, Are always changing me, When you show your full face,
As a little boy, I was brought upon this world In my mind, the thoughts that churned A wise child, I process what I'd learned Like a child, my imagination swirled What wonders of art, my thoughts unfurled
Biting my nails, anticipating to turn the page. gazing at the final period, that concludes my young age. As my new chapter begins, i can only cry. reminiscing on the memories,
dawn comes late today - afternoon’s glow crystallized in brilliant hoarfrost. premature bloom’s frozen death, lovely, buoyant hope’s demise.
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