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You flourish an extent of bounded knowledge only within yourself. Ignorant, what is love you ask. Clasp this wonder, your mind not be inquisitive, but at peace. Listen, Let me guide you. A flailing heart only knows so little.
Your people claim their free, but is empty of leaders with faith. None can draw a single sword from their diminutive pocket.
It’s true my beloved friends, family, unknown creatures of this world, A heart really knows when love is away, 365 days in a year, 24/7, every minute of the hour, even today,
The wise man, Isn't just no ordinary man, He played his hand many times, And was defeated, Acted selfishy and repeated, Foolish lies that was granted, Was the devils gifts, But what he desired,
Have you ever been what I been through? Lied to by your loved one, Stabbed your chest, And people fear for your life soon, You say what's the pressure in being me?
Life is such a challenge, but a heart-break is undefined, It can change your whole perspective of life at any given time, The days get slow you start changing your ways,
I cried laughter and pain, Memories rushed through my brain, I wonder how I lost you. Thinking ill have you back, Times i tried and lack, I still wonder how I lost you. Seeing your love for me is gone,
Don’t run from your troubles, As life takes you by, It will only cause pain, As if fire creeped inside, Burning your desire to say the truth, Afraid of the effect it will have on you,
They lay with no bed, They lay with no sheet, They stay on the floor, They stay with out heat, They sleep with no dream, They sleep with only fear, They wake with no love, They wake with a tear,
I thought I can show her the way of love, Make her feel untouchable like from heaven above, Be her friend and also her one, No more thinking her love is done, Give her that light that she can not see,
My days turn to night's, No sun or flashy light's, Looking throught the window with fear, Quiet whispers creep through my ear, I stand alone heart skipping every beat, The door opens a cold breeze to my feet,
Your special to me in every way, You keep loving me to this very day, We been through some fights, But we have never part, I'll always keep you in my heart, I may be a lil' selfish and alott of pride,
Forgotten like a pencil left on the table, Nevery to be noticed again, I close my eyes in deep thought, Picturing the beauty of her, All i see is another face, Forgotten like a set of keys outside,
People suffer in every way, Live tomorrow, Die the next day, Takes the soul of the good and bad, Doesn't care which one it had, Live life to the fullest, Whether you're in your prime,
Lost in a shadow, So black and cold, A terrible life, That was put on hold, Can't find my way back, I'm confused and alone, I wish I was completely turned to stone,
Many have failed her love, The love that I pursue, Chance she given, Now chances no more, Her love that was played, Her love that was fooled, Her love that was lost, Deep beneath her heart,
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