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You flourish an extent of bounded knowledge only within yourself. Ignorant, what is love you ask. Clasp this wonder, your mind not be inquisitive, but at peace. Listen, Let me guide you. A flailing heart only knows so little. As you walk through my forest, your foremost desire has already been sensed. Your feet warped by the sharp rocks prickling at your shoes, keep walking. You eye only my words envisioned as you saunter through the
desolate, you keep walking, the touch of a touch-less finger grasping your hand. Let me guide you. A distinctive drum close within you sensing your lust abutting, but your still very distant, so keep walking, You hear the windsfrom the north, the south, east and west echoing a clobber of this path. They fear your awakening.
They fear your love. Listen, I will guide you.



This poem is much like Mary Oliver's prose poems on love. If your internal love showed you how to trully love, will you keep walking through the bitterness journey, Will you turn around, or will let your heart guide you

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