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After you I spent years looking for love. For someone to fix what had been broken But I was wrong.   If you look for love when you are broken, All you will find is broken love.
I don't know what's wrong again. Everytime it's something new. I try and try to be perfect. Nothing is good enough for you. Each time, I think we're good. Then you block me out.
From dressup with mom’s clothes, Dancing around like popstars, To now doing one another's makeup for prom We are FOREVER SISTERS,
I just wanna be loved/ held by a nigga that understands and excepts who I am and who I once was/ touched by a man that's not scared to get deep/ that's not scared to remove the mask he has for the world and unveil a unguarded human being/ I just w
  Rising up to Be Unbreakable             Struck down             By lightning             Washed up ashore             Lay in exhaustion  
You can say you're sorry all you want. It's not going to matter; you did your damage. You just proved my point: There's no one I can trust. Family is no longer a must. You let me down and made me frown.
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