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dig. dig. dig down deep.  discover the melodies and allow them to seep down your cracked skull and drip in to your ear a tune, often vivid when coated in fear. 
memories handsome street
Tears so simple and complex like the waves of the ocean moved my tectonic plates   Tears such a burst of weakness like an innocent child unable to feed or clean himself   Tears
Poetry is my light It is my darkness The bottled feelings inside Pain Excitement Loose Happy Explode all on a single sheet of paper Like a volcano ready to erupt
The small things Hurt the most The little words Scream the loudest The nice words Veiled in caring Stab the deepest The constant Berating Belittling What now?
Blood pumping through shallow veins,
 each cell pushing, causing vibrations throughout the body. Short breaths and blurry vision,
 floating spots of black block out any connection to my surroundings.
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