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To be honest, sometimes I feel like I'm lost. I'm lost in my thoughts, in my head. There's a lot going on in my head. Thoughts, imagination, dreams, love, loss, Meaning in our life, happiness, mindfulness,
I love my parents. Parents give love, hope, happiness, and the best moments in life. I am ready to give my life to my parents. I can't imagine myself without them.
Try staying with yourself See how long you'll last As a human-being We were ment to interact Through hard times and laughs Sharing stories And recalling the past Try staying alone
Sitting in the lobby, staring at this mess on the floor, it's sloppy  I see a mop, but no janitor. I continue to stare, thoughts racing like Danica I feel weird, something is shaking me to my core
Rushing, always rushing, Really no time to look back for what you wish was coming. Movement, perpetual movement, Making steps towards the revolution.   "You're so strong," they always said,
there aimlessly floating above cranium slowly envel( o p i n g mind to airy delirium grasped and clenched then stole presence. so no longer occupy space around: the reality you deny
I wonder what it feels like to drown in the sky Dancing above the rooftops Watching time fly by Inhaling all the clouds If I had a breath to breathe it’d rip it from my lungs As I sank closer to the stars
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