world war 2

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WARNING: this one is inspired by stories from victims of WW2 and the Holocaust, so it's a little gory.    We know freedom Like the cockroach knows freedom: Raw, trembling freedom.  
I saw a time before this Sometime before we left With a warm fuzzy feeling inside all of them I saw an aggregation coming together as time just froze for us
Hitler, I'd like to meet and to him I will greet Why do you hate the Jewish fleet Their bare feet march down the narrow street As Rabbis wonder if their maker is who they are going to meet
I hold the gun in my handsits pointed towards innocenceI can't control my thoughtswhen and why did it come to this?
Something has claimed my skin as it's own, Engraved their thoughts into my bones, A walking corpse with intentions uncertain, My mind stays closed, while my eyes are wide open.  
You played for me My tiny pigtails bounced to the harmonica You gave me my love for music Leathery hands move gracefully Playing it all by ear And I danced Can you hear me?
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