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Sandwich? Sure, wrap it up.That pizza must have cost you a lotta dough.I told the toast, “Feel butter soon.”Looks like the manatee got the seal of approval.
I can't seem to make you understand So I'll put it in simple terms:   Like x and y I can't function without you. And all the little things I like about you, They add up. The way you laugh,
you must wonder why I'm here to get some money to study with peers to avoid the parties and the beers is the reason i am here   I must be honest i need some cash because my classes I need to pass
Intense in tense isn't a sentence
Whale you stay forever Cause I Loaf you Beary much You're my significant Otter You've stolen a Pizza my heart Orange you lucky I'm all yours Cause we both know I'm your Butter half and you're mine
I have a hole in my head. It's not that big - (not that large really) Like the skin and bone disappeared And a gap was left in its stead.   Oh, but I don't mind it Fig -
Between Creation and Destruction Lies creature, creed, cure, cry Desire, despair, and danger.
Why didst thou write to tease my weathered mind? In eighteen years on earth I searched to find, Translations for your works of tangled strife, Although thy quill ceased long before my life.
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