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Her beautiful eyes shine now like the sun; her voice is sweet, even the tell of lies; all of my heart and life, she has won; when with you and I, the time always flies.  
When love and hate collide,mixed emotions I couldn’t help but cryConfuses the soul I couldn’t hideAs I faced you that I already bid goodbye
If the universe were still before thee,Ready to gaze at thine emerald eyes,
There is a land of radiance that shines
Ambition is a vital, mighty flame whose smoldering blaze is within Us all, kindling our dreams from inaction to vigor whilst heating our innermost passions.  
Death sparks contradictory emotions. Disappearance from our earth is morbid, Suffering is also a misfortune,  But what if the afterlife is splendid?   Majestic mountains and breathtaking streams,
I know that you can feel me softly breathe,But with each breath my heart beats fainter still,And though, my love, it's you I'd never leave,I know that it's my time and that I will.
A person I most admire, this man; Mine eyes hath seen the beauty of his face. And of all others, he is better than; My dearest friend, he does my heart displace. My friend, my friend, of this I always hear:
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