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Please, take me away. Some place far, far away, in a hot air balloon. We can both float far, far away.  Somewhere up above, amongst the moons. I wish I could stay, I really do. But everything in this town,
Her crystalized eyes fill with a temptuous lust
I have seen the stars At night, you see. But it was far away from here. I would like to go see them again one day But my freedom has been replaced by fear.  
An Arizona Moon   The moonlight that replaced the gleaming of the sun And cast its reflection over the dark, sullen landscape
I wish I could hug you, look you in the eyes, tell you that everything will be okay; that I will take care of everything when you're gone. But I can't.  
Secretly the moon dances with the stars, Across the night sky, They shift and glitter against the darkness of life, Two dancers in love as their love shines down. Maybe in the moon's silver gaze, We too,
Hovering just within my reach, The warmth of your body Curling around me in seductive swirls, Eyes piercing my soul, Whispers of your lips lingering on mine, You stand a 8,194 miles away.
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