The Words I Never Spoke

I wish I could hug you, look you in the eyes, tell you that everything will be okay; that I will take care of everything when you're gone. But I can't.


I'm miles away, please just hold on till summer comes along, stay strong, I love you.


Though your body is weak, i can see the flame of courage in your eyes, the reaching determination when you stand.


I can now see that flame fading, please please stay strong. I will stay strong with you, for you. I can see your giving up, and thats okay, don't be embarrassed.


You looked beautiful today. Though you don't see it, I do, we all do. Your mind, your heart, and your soul is beautiful, you shine from within even at the weakest hour.


Your life has been a battle, a battle that you will win.


If you live, I love you, if you die tomorrow, I love you. Whatever happens, I know that you will be happy, at peace, and I will love you forever.


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