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Soaring through the air, heart pounding and beads of sweat flying from my forehead, the screaming line above my head, the air throwing my hair  and rushing through my clothes,
The mind races millions of thoughts as the moon rises-- questions unanswered-- curiosity.   Energy exists where energy is naught-- adrenaline rush. So many things to do
Laced with excitement and terror a fabrication of a dead dream drowned out by the demands the expectations how they cripple our creations
My pulse began to race Like a horse out of the gate Then my muscles began to clench Like a wrench on a nail
My feet are set I am down and ready My brow breaks into a sweat But I keep my focus steady Bang! My heart leapt with the shot My adrenaline began to flow My blood ran hot As I let my body go
Biting my lip in anticipation Sweat forming at my temple I don’t know if I can hold on much longer So I let go My feet crunch in the woodchips I run like a cheetah I leap and hit the swing
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