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The sun is coming up on this brand new day, a new hope envelops me, like God’s own loving cocoon, how oh how is this possible? With so much death surrounding our very existence.
Bullets have no name All you have to do is be in frame Be in the vicinity and you may get hit   But some legislators don't give a damn What will it take to put measures in order
tragedies worldwideflooding my senses daily...fill my bag of tears . . © 2018 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
The feeling of sadness takes over one's own mind With no invitation nor permission with just one ambition To take over my kind... your kind For it's a worldwide plague with no recognition An invasion of the mind
I grew up, expected to be an adult I went through rocks and stabs I know we all fought People watched as if I was a cast   No one gave me a hand we all grew up we all went through the wet sand growing with all of my lumps and dumps   No one can se
  Guatemala,             Trying to leave the 3rd World.             That's why we need UNITY! Israel,             So much sorrow and pain beneath those shawls.
As so many others before me, I dream of a day where there will be no more debris Debris of the lost and lonely Debris of the poor and homely Debris of the beat and anguished Debris of the alone and languished
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