The sun is coming up on this brand new day, a new hope envelops me, like God’s own loving cocoon, how oh how is this possible? With so much death surrounding our very existence. I see it daily and yet I see my own future, my own story is still unwritten, this hell I’m living which seems to fuel itself, is just a temporary hindrance, or so I pray each night. Can this be the day? The end of horrors for us all? I trust in the Lord and his infinite grace, his love for us all will show us the road to peace. I believe these things, and with love in my heart, I forgive all those who try and take that which I cherish most, it’s not for me to say whose love is righteous and whose is not, only God can know, for he is the guardian of each man’s soul, and that which lives within our very heart will surely guide us down the long path home and into his loving embrace.

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