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Begging with your strong fingertips You grasped into my vacant soul For dear life Your eyes screamed for my body A stare so heavily It burnt the clothes off my body Reckless, you left my heart
  lest we orbit Weyekin's bode amidst the fire of our obsessions,   recherche ciphers within wet ashes, charcoal forests'
Release me from my cage. Lonely, I sit here filled with rage. Do you enjoy seeing your prey aroused at the sight of you?  Of course, you do!  
focused praying mantis still as a stickclueless prey three times its size—best friend of gardeners.. © 2019 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved .
Relief (Heartless) September 11, 2018 ~ Tuesday He’s a book with boxes Analytical machine with no off switch He’s got a checklist And I'm on it
The Question September 10, 2018 ~ Monday I came to get help Not to get hurt And every time you make a move
It's not a trial to slay a doe Among the forest floor and snow, Enchanted by the final breath Echoing from the chasm breath. A soul escaping from a snout,  A final breath struggles out
The eyes that shine throughout the night Their corners gleam with delight The blood that boils, it's very soul Reflect within it's eyes so bold Desire to kill, to watch its prey That rules its life every day
It has been said That lions are the fiercest of beings Strong jaws, sharpened teeth -  Ready to pounce.    Every day the lion waited I saw him around corners Prowling in the distance
Heed younge starling eager for flight, tender eyes no sight. Your limbs so slight and feathers so few what can become of you? Harshness awaits with hallowing winds chaffing against the night.
Walk into this luminous HazeHowl into this starlit nightGrowl in the clutches of Ebony
Eyes locked in concentration Taking every scent and sound Merging with the ground Silent and deadly as the night Moving with swiftness and grace Anticipation of a wild chase Heart beating the jungle rhythm
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