alone depression

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Just hug me Pet me like a bunny I feel safe in your arms No harm can be done   A barrier you provide To external harm
I miss my friends I let them go
7/14/13 Every day In every way Every person Earns their stripe   Whether struggle Or battle lost Risen up Or falling down   Every step
7/07/13 A troubled past Lessons learned Drenched in pain Gained strength   Years have come Years have gone Everyday A fresh new start  
"Pray for me!" I cry to thee, for I have killed and have decieved.   I am a murderer of hope. Though He hs unceaed, I do not believe.   I am a liar
I’m not as okay as I said I was I’m taking the pills, I promise But I still feel like there’s not Much you can do for me now.  
Kindergarten first day I was late, Doesn’t play well with others. First grade Mother’s Day, I can’t read, Maybe I should be held back, Second grade, JK— Rowling lit a light inside,
I felt his tiny hands tug lightly to the hem of my skirt “What do you want?” “Solitude” “I’m busy”   His dainty fingers curled around my own “What do you want?” “Repose” “I have no time”
Drowing in my thoughts,
The night seems so darkAnd the day is no differentWhen there is no safe havenNo place to call homeNo place where someone cares 
Water me as I am a fire, Water me as I'm close to burn the bridges, Water me before I fall as I'm standing on the thinnest ice, Water me before its too late,   Don't let me down,
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Why do you doubt me?
  In a dark dungeon.   Screams and cries- echoing off the black walls.   Normalcy turned freak. Unanswered panic. Heart beating out. Crying bloody, bloody murder.  
Mommy, theres demons in my head. I see them when I sleep. Every time these thoughts go by inside my head they creep. They see me when i'm happy. They best know me when i'm sad. 
I suffer from a chemical embalance Every day is a struggle To live, To fight Somedays I can open my eyes It's no longer dark I can see the light shining on me I can see I'm not truly alone
At day she’s a Heart stopper Eye opener Heart breaker Breath taking Beautiful disaster  
i hear it the sound of tighting rope around my neck put there by my peers who hope to bring me down to take me to a dark place where light and joy can no longer reach me
Years of feeling empty, useless and lonely, Feeling “IT” consume me, The Internet being my therapist, typing into Google from “what is “IT”” “ways to self-harm” “how to study while feeling empty”,
The door is shut again I'm the one that shut it. They are the ones that started it How can you live in a home like this? I can't, so I shut the door.
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