emotinal abuse

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Poems upon poems Words coming out like songs Twisting and rhyming out of our beaten and broken hearts Poems trying to un-twist and unravel the abuse written in us from birth
  I've been hurt badly Everything taken away With happiness gone.   I died of crying Hearing the words I hate you Emotional, yes.   It is to abuse Just like physical is too
Colors are fascinating. "I want to Tye-dye my life!" And I've done just that... My life is a mixed pattern of A beetle's brown, pussing guts; The vibrant wales of dying sprite;
He was an old gun, with a hard kick. Every blow came back harder than the last. Leaving her body with galaxies of purple, She burned from the outside in. Kept covered in layers of smoke,
Every night, she locks the door. Every night, she hides before, her mothers tears. Her fathers hate. To ease her fears. Her father is a broken timer,
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