Unraveling Abuse

Poems upon poems

Words coming out like songs

Twisting and rhyming out of our beaten and broken hearts

Poems trying to un-twist and unravel the abuse written in us from birth

Telling us that we are the crazy ones

Carved in our souls that we are nothing more than a dumpster to be filled with all or their unwanted words and things

Beating down everything for which our heart sings

Trying to grasp the concept of the deeply woven threads of abuse

With habits of dysfunctionality and fear, still there after years and years of trying to reverse

Impossible to get because there is no logic

Impossible to salvage because what use is barbed wire covered in ripped up skin

What use is a relationship where there is nothing but poison to sip.

Oh what revelations poems can give.


This poem is about: 
My family


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