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Poetic delicacies,Chilled haiku sake,Sautéed clerihew au jus,Free-range limericksbaked to perfection,Footle fries,Yum!
Albert EinsteinExpanded our view beyond the skylineReluctant superstar and intellectual forceRelatively speaking, of course! . . © 2019 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved. . .
Clara Oswald WhoSecret wife of Doctor WhoReturned from September's honeymoonBy way of last year's month of June ..© 2019 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved .
Četla milá Halase -déle neholila se. Z chlupatosti špatně je.Mám je torzo naděje.   translated into English, without the rhymes:
Richard Boone Presented Paladin cards under an ominous tune. First gunslinger so erudite In circumstances likely to explode like cordite.
For Richard Boone Have Gun–Will Travel did not end much to soon. His skilled method acting and ridding well hid A loathing of horses he so deeply did.
Mike Tyson Had a physic like a bison. His opponents had one extra fear That they could lose an ear.
Jack Benny’s Comedic persona was to pinch pennies. Every week he would lead his merry band And Rochester would always get the upper hand.
Mr. Spock A role Nimoy found he was in a lock. A act in which he would find That he could read a mind.
Macklemore, you have good intentions, with the song you have recently made, but being queer in America is  far worse than knowing how to draw in the third grade. "Write what you know" is good adivce for people like you:
Is it any wonder Apple is the name of her child? If Apple ate a candy bar, Gwyneth's bound to go wild. Mommy dearest won't let her darlings have any fun. Imagine all the fun they'll have the second they turn twenty-one.
Justin Bieber with his pants sagging so low touring round the world with pot to blow. While little girls are following screaming his name, giving our society a face of shame.   Justin Bieber such a shame
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