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I made a mistake to think you weren't fake I thought you were my friend but you played me again. You put on a act for three years at that! Through all that time  you had on a disguise,
I love you! And I don’t know how to tell you that I love you Is the problem that we’re having here The thing is you don’t even realize How much I love you And you won’t unless I make you realize
“You’re good at being you”Why does that make my heartStop “You’re so extra”Why does that warm my cheeks I’m garbage“At least you’re hot garbage”This shouldn’t tie my affections to you
Tell me your fears            show me you're human                                                                                                                                                   life is one
This feeling sining into my chest It feels as though someone has cut me open and poured in hardening cement I don't even know what is running through my brain I suppose now, I have really gone insane 
Autumn wrapped a sour head tight past a hoop of fire, Leaving behind a messy petrol insignia in it's waste. That stain: me, truly. Me: past thee stony rubbish
For years I've been trying to reach out to you.
1         You killed me.
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