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When do you feel the most free? “When I am alone”  What do you do when you are alone “Ya know, the usual… I read, maybe dance, I writ...:” 
Sometimes life is hard. The thrilling twists and turns we face, are often more than one can take. Like Atlus and the earth, we hold our burdens on our back and pray for balance.
When I was just a tike, More specifically two, I started to rhym words together, And recite things like poets do. Fast forward to when I was older, Now I was in school;
I can't live without            hands.  Hands.             (Are you real?) Romancers to my lips,  reminders of God,  they are shadows in my bedroom, 
compare my bones to flower petals and stardust and i'll show you the iron coiled around my  bones. compare my skin to milk in old-fashioned cartons,  white lights and negative space,
Devour. Ingest. Consume.  I am a moster that is always hungry. Hungry for stories. I crave them with my whole being. The twists, the turns, the emotions they stir Sustain me.  Keep me alive.
I can’t help but wonder when the birds fly above do they see the mess we’ve made?A place for nesting hard to find because the humans own it all.
Poor little thing,Your weakness lies within your strength. Presenting as a monument,So strong and assuring,No one bothered checking For those cracks in the porcelain. They saw the sculpture 
The first time he tried to teach me to drive stick I crumbled over the steering wheel chest heaving as though an earthquake had pried open my ribcage, my lungs having too much space to breathe.
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