i am...

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I am not now, nor will I ever beDefined by misconceptions others have of me.But rather by my actions to those that bring no gain,How much more so to those that caused me pain. I am not now, nor have I ever beenDefined simply by the number of those
I’m a A sweetheart with passion, with a hunger for fashion A Fighter for what I believe! defending the ideals that I conceive A comedian to make you laugh, but that's only half!
Who am I - today I can answer that question. I was destroyed, I was shattered,  into infinitely many pieces, I was broken, I was dark. I lost all hope, happiness
Who am I? The seventeen year old, who walks all over town, becuase she can't drive. I work at least twenty hours a week, Just to pay for AP classes.  To some, I'm simply that.  A hardworker.
Jazsmin jaz - man     noun      f  1. A blossoming flower that will always keep growing She silently developes within the faith of her blooms
I am a Realist, But also an Idealist, Because when the world is at its worst, That is when I am at my best.   One son, Was done, By two parents Of two colors  
I am broken... and yet still put together I am forgotton... and still have those memories I am lost... and some parts found I am my own worst nightmare and my own demon
Like so many drops of rain Never striking the same place twice Yet covering it none the less Never the exact piece Yet part of the whole That's how I am I could be anything Do anything
When I was four years old I attended a summer school that my parents put me through in order to keep their rambuntious child occupied, I didn't seem to mind it at all and I was always making lots of new friends everyday,
   So much to put in so little words. A story to write in so many ways. Something everyone has already heard day after day. A candle shines bright through the smoke. A haze cannot darken this blaze. Listen for my brush that strokes.
I am a product, a creation. I am made by love, by hate, by accident... Raised by their ideals Shaped to their perfections Taught, molded, given my instructions.
Being hit or kicked? An orphan or rich? Nah None of those describes me Sunshine and rainbows? Not me either. Low self esteem? Bullying? Now ya talkin'
I am unique There is no one else with my exact thoughts My exact experiences My exact physique They say that physically,  we are all 99 percent the same And that's a true scientific statement
I am Evolving.
People always ask me what my plans are What is my future, my college, my major, my career
I Am
I'm, I Am, I Was, Am I? Why so many ways to say who I am... who I was? If you asked yourself that question I think I should probably mention The person I was yesterday, I Decided they could not stay so
I am fear. The fear that you hide when you face a new challenge, when you take a new step into the complicated, unadulterated, overrated, suffocating thing we call life.
Daddy's good with numbers; he's an engineer.   I'm good with numbers too;  could've been an engineer.  
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