alone with my thoughts

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My words are locked inside of me. It is rude to talk to oneself in public, so I refrain from doing it. But... My tongue is twisting itself, trying to part my lips.
Its hard to breathe So hard to see I can't be in reality My body is heavy And my mind like jelly My thoughts are just too many I held on to drugs Till I can no longer feel my lungs
She spoke words of fear and shuddered at sentences of rejection. These words cut through her soul, not only theirs but also her own.  Her cries of help stayed in her mind until she couldn't identify where they where from.
Late night thoughts music pumpin through  my veins The only chemical that'll make it to my brain And though things are different, these nights will stay the same
what good is it to be an attention seeking introvert to want people to notice you and be reffered to as some sort of deity but then want to be alone and sink into the background
The Fog is thick coated with solid gray blocking my view, surrounding me with limited oxygen and borrowed time, calling to me, beckoning my name  as i move foward bound not to be in reverse followed by shadows of 
Insomnia seems to grace me With his presence each night. Loneliness often deafens me With the words he left unspoken. Anxiety holds me hostage, Invoking memories I want to forget.
Who are we really? The question lingers in the air We are the ones who can hold each other up But we let ourselves fall And when we all fall the damage is hard to fix The damage breaks our souls
I have a confession.
Snow drifts and Sand dunes are impossibly the same. Delusion and dissolution
Water me as I am a fire, Water me as I'm close to burn the bridges, Water me before I fall as I'm standing on the thinnest ice, Water me before its too late,   Don't let me down,
There's a war in me, 
Power On.   Channel One: A little girl plays outside, kickball, with her neighbors.  They laugh and run.  The sky starts to get dark, Curfew.  She wants to finish the round; it’s her turn to kick. 
wisper wisper the voices' lysp fill my ears they've been with me all these years they constanly go never ending they've cause me so much pain cause they're transending wisper wipser
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