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While wishing upon a star You stopped to think of who you are A person who has school as the main equation 
When the air is filled With excitement and thrill, The Day has just begun.   When a child that frolics With daisies and lollies,
I'm pouring out the water. Holy from the tap. But they want a sweeter version.
"Be perfect and proper!" "Be quiet and calm!" "Always stay in order!" -That's the idea put in my palm. "Why are you so loud?" "Be more like the crew!" -Forcing me to not be proud
Above the raindrops of the shower head my thought scream loudly and my heart wails in silence. Shock and sadness hit me stronger than a title wave with the awareness: I have always felt alone.
Am I a set of rules Not well known nor followed But he will see I am shallow Not by choice Nor lack of care But because fear chokes me To unresting despair
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